lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

hello!! Is Egilis There?

Andrea: Hello?
Victor: Hi! Good afternoon. It’s Victor. Is Egilis there?
Andrea: Hello victor! Oh, Egilis doesn’t there. But can you call her later?
Victor: Yeah, thanks. Please ask her to call me at my house.
Andrea: Sure, not problem. But she has your number?
Victor: I don’t know
Andrea: Well, just give me the number
Victor: It’s 987-4651
Andrea: 987-4651. ok bye victor. caudate
Victor: Thanks a lot, Maria. You too

Victor: Hello?
Egilis: Hello!! Victor?
Victor: Yes, who speaks?
Egilis: It’s me, Egilis. I got your massage.
Victor: Hi!! How are you? Thanks for calling me
Egilis: I’m fine thanks. What’ up?
Victor: Well, do you want to have dinner with me tomorrow night?
Egilis: Oh!! Victor I’m really sorry. I have to study for an exam
Victor: Ok!! And how about Friday night?
Egilis: Uh sure. It’s a good idea. What time do you want to meet?
Victor: How about around seven o’clock?
Egilis: Terrific. see you
Victor: Ok!! See you. Bye

I hope that they have liked and that they leave its commentaries ;)

domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Where were you born?

I hope that they have liked and that they leave its commentaries ;)

I had a good weekend

Hi! Well, now we studied a little the last verb in and regular verb and irregular verb. Now it will show a composition to them of I made the weekend last.
The last weekend I made many things. On Friday I went to the cinema in the sambil and I saw the movie 300, it’s a very good film. On Saturday I went with my family and my boyfriend to the island of San Carlos we had a lot of fun and On Sunday I went to aguamania with my friends and my boyfriend, from 9 am until 5 pm. then we went to eat hot dogs and hamburger that was a nice weekend.

I hope that they have liked and that they leave its commentaries ;)

You can't miss it

What's the matter?

In this unit we studied them part of the body, the frequent pains that appear to us and thus the recommendations of which we must make to cure those pains. Now next conversation between my friend will show to one and I

Zaidely: Hi! Egilis How are you?
Egilis: No well
Zaidely: Why? What happen? You don’t look well
Egilis: Is my stomachache every day hurt
Zaidely: You should go to the doctor, lets go
Egilis: No, please
Zaidely: Yes, yes, yes, come on!!!

In the hospital
Zaidely: Excuse me!! My friend doesn’t fell well
Receptionist: OK, wait the doctor
Doctor: Next
Egilis: Hi doctor!! I’m Egilis
Doctor: Hello Egilis, tell me! How do you fell?
Egilis: Bad, bad, bad my stomachache hurt
Doctor:Let me see!! OK take this aspirin are so good
Egilis: Really?
Doctor: I swear!!!
Egilis: Oh yeah, I feel so good. Thank Doctor
Doctor: I understand your problem is psychologist
Egilis: Why?
Doctor: Because this pastille no are aspirin. Are candy

I hope that they have liked and that they leave its commentaries ;)

San Valentin's Day

In this unit we spoke and we studied a little the important dates of the holidays; we spoke the future with be going, studied everyday events, the months and the ordinal numbers. Next it will speak a little about a special day for all and the one that all at some time we celebrated.

I hope that they have learned a little but about this day, that it has liked and that they leave its commentaries ;) thank you very much…

My ability

In this unit we spoke a little of the different sports and which we like and the sports that we do not like, and thus studied the Abilities and talents that we have, and what we can do. Next a little will speak to them of my Ability so that they can know a little me
Well my ability is to do gymnastic, I practice it since I was eight years old until the sixteen years old, I had to leave it because I went into college and I didn't have as much time as before, it's a sport in which it's needed a lot of dedication, even though I don't practice it as much, I mount choreographies to groups of persons.

I hope that they have liked and that they leave its commentaries ;)